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Introducing the Flourishing Profile

Rather than seeking to identify those who are distressed, or “at risk”, the Flourishing Profile (FP) survey uses a positive psychology approach to assess the degree to which individuals have developed the “pillars” of good mental health to stay well and optimise quality of life. The FP survey is a leading indicator of mental health, useful for proactive wellbeing interventions at both an individual and collective level. The approach is consistent with the NSW Department of Education Wellbeing Framework for Schools (2015) and the Geelong Grammar School Model for Positive Education (2013).

The FP survey was refined and validated in an Australian university study (Murdoch University) involving 15 schools and more than 7,500 students. More information about the reliability and validity of the survey can be found in the assessment manual. The online survey enables objective assessment of the success of wellbeing interventions and can also be used to benchmark wellbeing against normative samples. It is suitable for secondary students (ages 11-18+) and staff of all ages.

Flourishing at School is more than just a measurement tool. It is a complete solution for wellbeing improvement for students and staff. Find out more about the features included in the table below.

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